Wild flower identification

We spent an afternoon identifying all the wild flowers we could find on the Burnt Gorse site.  We maintain this site as a grass chalkland meadow to allow these flowers to grow there.

1. Burnt Gorse meadow                                                              2.  Field Scabious

3. Bird's Foot Trefoil (not yet fully out)                                     4. Bird's-Foot Trefoil

5. Ragwort                                                                                     6. Agrimony

7. Black Knapweed                                                                      8. Black Knapweed

9.  Marjoram                                                                                    10. Marjoram

11.  Eyebright                                      

12. Wild Carrot                                                                              13. Wild Carrot seedhead

14. Bedeguar Gall on rose bush                    15. Red Bartsia

16. Black Sawfly Lavae on Silver Birch